No Rest. Fly! 2016

17 Jan

“No rest. Fly!” That is what Crosby, in all of her newly turned two year old wisdom, instructed us to do last year on the morning Chip went to heaven, so this weekend, Clete, the kids and I decided to head to the mountains of West Virginia to find joy and experience happiness, just as Chip had instructed us to do. We’ve bowled, ice skated, eaten ice cream, swum, watched the Pats win, played in the arcade, stayed up past our bedtime, cackle laughed, and even had a dance off to our favorite One Direction songs. (Joe won and Crosby received honorable mention.)

Joe asked me the other day why Daddy hadn’t sent us any snow yet this winter. This morning we woke up to the most beautiful and gently falling snow. I told Joe he must have been waiting until today to send us a little extra love. Received and right back at’cha, Chip Kennett, forever and ever.

We’ve got this.



2 Responses to “No Rest. Fly! 2016”

  1. Debra Selmi January 18, 2016 at 10:02 PM #

    I think of you and the kids often~

  2. Lily January 19, 2016 at 12:21 PM #

    So glad to see the kids. How fast they grow and how wise! Glad to have news from you as I was thinking about you all. You are an extraordinary writer – I hope someday you can compile your journey for others to learn how to cope in the gracious and loving way you did and do. You are an incredible mother and wife. With my love and in hopes of meeting you one day soon. As Julie may have told you, I was quite ill when you had the celebration for Chip in NH and could not attend. I was there in spirit.
    ( I am a ” sort of” cousin of Bayard’s through marriage. ). Sending much love, Lily (Kendall) Hsia.

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