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2 May

hopeThe LUNGevity Foundation is hosting their annual HOPE Summit in Arlington this weekend (see more on the LUNGevity website), so Chip and I are going to do a sophisticated dance, i.e., juggle with the kids and various commitments this weekend so Chip can attend as much of this as possible. Please don’t judge me if I place Crosby on one of those child leashes you see on kids at Tysons I, not II obviously, at tee ball in the morning, because Crosby is convinced she is a four-year-old little boy who has every much of a right to the field as her big brother.

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Immunology 101 and Clinical Trials

On Sunday morning, our oncologist at The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Julie Brahmer, is presenting on the immunotherapy trial Chip is currently enrolled in, so he is specifically looking forward to learning more about that and other advances being made in lung cancer research.

A big, big thanks to Andrea Ferris, President and Chairman of LUNGevity, for her vision, her determination and all of the support she has provided to Chip over the last six months.

– Sheila


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