From Ginny J.: Support the Next Phase of Team Kennett’s Fight!

26 Mar

Our dear friend Ginny asked if she could post her email, originally sent last night to the Lotsa Helping Hands group, to the Team Kennett blog. So with incredible gratitude to all for everything our friends have done to help us weather this storm, here’s her loving note:


The outpouring of love, support, food, and other assistance that Team Kennett has provided to Chip and Sheila and their kids since Chip’s diagnosis and Crosby’s birth last fall has had a profound inspiring effect on everyone in their family. There are no words to express the gratitude they feel for this generosity of time and energy and money, but please know that it has all been absolutely indispensable in helping sustain Chip and Sheila through this fight.

The physical, logistical, and emotional burdens of raising Crosby and Joe in a happy and stable home while treating their dad’s cancer are simply unfathomable, an ever-present 24×7 challenge that even those of us who have seen it up close can’t possibly grasp in all its minute-by-minute dimensions. But with Team Kennett’s support from the very beginning, Chip’s and Sheila’s incredible loving strength, resilience and good humor has carried them through all the ups and downs thus far. They’re battling this evil disease on multiple fronts, giving it everything they’ve got, and more than holding their own. Let’s help them to keep on keeping on as they enter a new challenging phase.

Later this week Chip will begin a clinical trial for a promising new drug, and the trial will add new burdens on top of those they have navigated in recent months. Several multi-overnight trips to Philadelphia every month will bring additional challenges, disruptions and costs. In best case scenario, travel and medical and caregiving expenses arising from cancer’s unwelcome intrusion into this lovely family’s life will cost the Kennetts about $11,000 per month out of pocket for the next several months, with the potential for additional unknown expenses in the future.

In the coming weeks we will establish a formal fund to support them over the long haul, and soon we’ll be organizing events and get-togethers to support this effort — more on all that to come, stay tuned — but in the meantime you can make a donation immediately at . The need exists right now, so please give what you can and forward this email to all who love the Kennetts and might be able to assist.*

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.11.49 AM
Let’s help them take care of the next couple months, with a goal of raising $22,000 in the next two weeks.

Thank you again for everything you have already done and continue to do to help this extraordinary family take on this challenge. There will be more ups and downs in the coming months, but every day Team Kennett is gaining strength and collecting additional reserves of love and support. Ultimately we expect that this strength and love and support will outlast the cancer. Let’s help Chip and Sheila make that expectation reality.

With love and gratitude,


*Important Ethics note for Senate employees: There are no rules against Senate employees making donations, but Senate Ethics rules prohibit Senate employees from soliciting donations, so Senate employees should check with the Ethics Committee before forwarding this. Senate Ethics rules also allow for donations from registered lobbyists who are friends of the Kennetts. If anyone wants to help but has questions about these issues, let us know and we’ll get an answer for you asap.


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