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Shaving a Leg

1 Mar

Today was a hard day. Or it was for me at least. Fatigue is setting in, the cytology report showed cancer cells in the fluid drained from the pericardial region and atypical cells in the fluid surrounding the lungs, so they performed another procedure called pleurodesis (just look it up) to hopefully prevent another pleural effusion from occurring.

And today was Crosby’s 3 month birthday, and I just wanted to be at home with my little family doing our normal little family thing instead of here at the hospital dealing with all of this crap trying desperately to understand what everything meant.

crosby's 3!!

So this afternoon I went home, loved on my girl, shaved a leg, put on some perfume, pulled on my knee boots, tucked a bottle of wine in my purse, swung by Taqueria Pablano, marched back up here and decided to have a fun double date in the ICU with my hubs and dear friends. After all, we do have free babysitters so may as well take advantage of that and tomorrow IS a new day.

double date night in the icu (photo courtesy of ginny j.)

double date night in the icu (photo courtesy of ginny j.)

– Sheila

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